Snow crystals, the immaculate white cloak that cracks under your feet and the sweet quiet: enjoy every single moment of this magical experience because the Mont Avic Park is definitely a great place where you can discover breathtaking panoramas with skis on…

Pleasant hikes with snowshoeing will allow you to enjoy the natural beauties of the winter season.
Three recommended itineraries: Veulla – Lago Servaz / Veulla – PraOursie / Blanchet – Fussy
Considering the delicate period for the survival of some animal species you need to contact the Natural Park to know the current laws. We also advise you to contact the Resort reception for any information about this activity and the most charming itineraries.

In the winter season there are numerous frozen small waterfalls in the Mont Avic Park, offering fun and wonder for the enthusiasts… And if one of these is called “Enchanted Castle” there must be a reason…

You can ask for additional information and advice on this enjoyable activity at our Resort reception